Sunday, 5 October 2014

Your eyebrows look FABulous!

I recently read a post by a blogger called Hannah Gale called 36 things all women in their twenties are obsessed with. Top of the list is:

1. Eyebrows. Eyebrow products. Eyebrow colours. Eyebrow shapes. Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. EVERYTHING ABOUT EYEBROWS.

As much as I hate how lame it is, the above statement is painfully accurate in my case. I think eyebrows can absolutely transform your face shape and I prioritise well-groomed eyebrows over most beauty routines if I'm in a rush to get out of the door in the morning. I also don't understand how Cara Delevigne's eyebrows are so amazing. Jealous? Very much so.

I have been having my eyebrows threaded for about a year and a half now, after looking in the mirror one day and realising I had been over-plucking them and they were completely mismatched. During my most recent threading appointment, my beauty therapist recommended Fab Brows as the perfect way to fill in and define your eyebrows at home. She tried it on me and I was so pleased with the result that I couldn't resist buying a kit myself. I can't find an official website but you can buy the kit in a range of different colours from eBay for £19.95.

The kit contains:
  • eyebrow colour
  • brush
  • three stencils to help you create the perfect shape
  • mirror
  • instruction leaflet
The kit comes in a handy box which can be popped into your handbag
Peekaboo! This is the inside of my kit in 'Chocolate' - the ideal colour for those with dark hair
Stencils (from top to bottom) in Slender, Pure and Exotic. Excuse my messy nail polish - you can't have everything

My favourite stencil is the 'Pure' one as I like to keep my eyebrows a bit thicker, but there is something to suit every preference and face shape. It makes it super easy as someone who is amateur at beauty to achieve a shape that looks like you have walked straight out of a salon. 

Fab Brows also claims to be smudge-proof and waterproof and (for the most part) it is. However, it is worth running a little hairspray over your finished eyebrows with your fingers if you want them to stay sleek and defined from morning until night.

I would thoroughly recommend Fab Brows to anyone who, like me, likes to give their eyebrows a whole lotta love.

Have you tried Fab Brows? Or do you know of any other eyebrow grooming products that are worth a try? Please do let me know!

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