Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Split and Twist Braid

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Today I thought I'd teach you how to do this incredibly easy, yet very pretty hairstyle. I've seen Cheryl Cole wear her hair in a similar way and loved Nicole Guerriero's video tutorial on how to do this braid (which she called a bubble braid) last summer, but thought I would do my own spin on it by pinning up the front of the hair in a sort of quiff if you will. I had no idea what to call this hairstyle so settled on the 'Split and Twist Braid' as it takes plenty of splitting off sections of hair and twisting them from start to finish (very lazy naming, I admit). You may recognise some of this tutorial from a previous hair blog post I wrote on how to do a Springtime Messy Bun. The twisting technique used in both these blog posts is clearly fast becoming one of my favourite ways to style my hair.

For this look, you will need: a comb, hairspray, several hair grips, a normal hair bobble and thin snag-free hair elastics. These are different from the trusty hair bobble in that they are a lot thinner and the elastic is not covered in material. These are important for this look as you want them to look as discreet as possible. You can pick up a pack from Boots for £1.99 and they look like this:

So without further ado, here's how you do it:

1. This style works best on hair that has not been freshly washed to help it stay in place. Grab your comb and style your hair into a side parting.

2. Using the same technique to pin our hair back as we did for the spring time messy bun, pin the front section of your hair (about the same amount as you would use for a side fringe) back, twisting once before fixing with a hair grip. Unlike last time though, back brush and hairspray this section of hair before pinning to give it more lift and make a more voluminous quiff.

3. Take a section of hair from the side of your face and underneath the section you just pinned up and twist and pin in the same way.

4. Repeat step 3 again if you want more twists.

5. Be sure to backcomb and pin back your hair on the other side of the side parting. This doesn't have to be anything fancy, I just find it looks better if the whole head of hair has a bit of added volume before you make your ponytail.

5. Tie your hair into a side ponytail using a normal hair bobble. The ponytail should start at the nape of your neck (I don't know why I'm pouting so furiously in this photo, I can only apologise).

6. Tie one of the hair elastics round the ponytail about two - three inches from the top.

7. Poke your thumb and index finger through the section of hair between the hair bobble and the hair elastic from the back.

8. Grab the bottom of the ponytail and pull it through the gap created by your fingers. This will create a twist effect.

8. Tie another hair elastic about two - three inches below the first one. Once again, poke your thumb and index finger through this new section and pull the rest of the ponytail through the gap.

9. Repeat step 8 as many times as the length of your hair will let you.

10. Tug a little at each section of the braid to make it look a little less neat and hairspray the whole thing in place.

11. (Optional) Once you are happy with your braid, carefully remove the normal hair bobble at the top. I think this looks better as it makes the whole thing look a bit more relaxed and messy. You may have to pin up a few loose strands that fall out of place.

12. Pull a few strands of hair free from around your face and voila! You're all good to go. Unfortunately I only took one picture of the completed look so here's my cheesy smiling face one more time for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you like this hairstyle and it inspires you to get creative with splitting and twisting (no euphemism intended, seriously). Please leave any blog posts or videos with quick and easy hairstyles in the comments that you have seen recently and enjoyed - I am really loving experimenting with my hair at the moment!

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