Monday, 9 December 2013

London v. North divide: Why going out in the North is so much better

Today I thought I'd do a slightly different post and get back to my Northern roots. I moved down to London a couple of years ago and, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love and it have no regrets about moving down. However, one thing I will always miss is a good Northern night out. And here's five reasons why...

1. You can get super dressed up

Before one of my first nights out in the South, I put on my high heels only to have my wonderful boyfriend joke, "You're not in the North now!" As much as it was liberating at first to not spend an hour preening myself, after a while I began to miss it. I don't have enough time on a daily basis to put much make up or do my hair how I would like as I value sleep too much. But it's great every now and then to really make an effort and feel great about yourself. A night in the North offers the perfect opportunity to this.

2. You can afford more than two drinks

Everyone knows that the price of drinks in London is extortionate. This means you are constantly having to think about what you are spending/ where to hide a cheeky hip flask. In the north, however, drinks are literally half the price (although this club in my home town of Warrington took it too far).

3. Driving is not out of the question

Getting into central London at the beginning of the evening is easy. Getting home after 1pm is not. Especially if you have dismissed point number one and worn heels anyway. Point number two also eats up your taxi fund and don't even think about trying to park in the city centre unless you want to re-mortgage your house. Of course, this doesn't apply in the north. My friends and I went out a couple of weeks ago in Manchester and parked in the city centre all night for £5. Amaze.

4. It's less exclusive

In the North, most reasonably classy places are cheap enough so that anyone who owns at least two pairs of shoes that aren't trainers can have a good night. Which is great because it means you meet all sorts of people and the atmosphere is very laid back. If you put the equivalent of Manchester's Cloud 23 bar in London, it would instantly become at least twice as expensive, practically ruling out the average person.

5. Footballer spotting

I'm not a football fan but who doesn't like a good footballer spot? Owing to point number four, it is quite normal when out in Manchester to see a Man U or Man City supporter in a club with little fuss caused. The second to last time I was out there, Danny Welbeck was just chilling on the table next to ours. My male friends particularly enjoyed this.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you live in any area of the U.K. which you think is a great night out, let me know in the comments! Now I shall love you and leave you with a photo from our last night out in Manchester.

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