Thursday, 17 October 2013

French beauty products from Yves Rocher

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So a couple of months ago I found myself in the city of Nantes in France on my own. To cut a long story short, I started a summer job, terminated the contract early and was then stuck there for a week and a half with nothing to do while I waited for the other half to arrive (he had already bought very expensive plane tickets). It was not ideal and cost me a lot of money on hotels and just generally entertaining myself.

Luckily I meant a lovely girl called Lucy and we wondered aimlessly round Nantes together. On our travels, we developed a small obsession with the French botanical beauty brand Yves Rocher. I guess it's like the French equivalent of Body Shop in the UK except Body Shop is more expensive there and Yves Rocher is more expensive here.

Two of my favourite products from the Yves Rocher range are the almond moisturising lotion and the hydrating toner. The moisturising lotion smells absolutely divine and, despite having quite a creamy consistency, actually rubs in really quickly and easily. It also lasts forever as you only need a small blob to moisturise an entire leg.

The toner is even better. It's rare for me to find a product which is genuinely refreshing and moisturising at the same time, but this ticks all the right boxes. It smells gorgeously fresh, feels cool against the skin, but also leaves it feeling pampered and hydrated. This hydrated feeling also means that you need to use less moisturiser which is always a plus for me as my skin is quite naturally oily.

Yves Rocher Nourishing Lotion 3 in 1. R.R.P £9.90

Yves Rocher Hydrating Toner. R.R.P £8.50

As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately Yves Rocher is more expensive for us Brits. However, the good news is that they offer free delivery on all orders over £25 on their website ( I will definitely be trying out some more products come pay day.

Have you tried any other Yves Rocher products before which you would recommend? Or know any other beauty brands which are not widely sold in the UK but which are worth checking out? Let me know in the comments below!

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