Monday, 16 July 2012

D.I.Y HD Brows

HD brows is one of the fastest growing beauty trends that everyone is talking about. However, as much as I wanted the treatment done myself, I didn't fancy forking out between £25 - £35 on something that I could probably do at home. So, about a month ago I nipped down to Boots and picked myself up a brand new eyebrow pencil in the hope that I could beat the beauticians. Having practised my technique a fair few times now, this is my D.I.Y answer to the HD brow...

The first stage in the process is to pluck your eyebrows as normal, or leave them a little thicker if you want a bolder, more defined effect. Before plucking, I brush my eyebrows with a clean mascara brush. This ensures that all the hairs are brushed in the right direction before you begin to attack them. Trust me, this makes a huge difference when it comes to the accuracy of the finished result. I then pluck using tweezers by a brand called Two's Company that I have already blogged about here. If you happen to have any redness beneath your eyebrows after plucking, soothe with a cool, damp cotton pad and apply foundation to the affected area to hide imperfections.

The next stage is to pencil your eyebrows in. The eyebrow pencil I have been using is MaxFactor eyebrow pencil in ebony and I would thoroughly recommend it as it blends really nicely to give a natural finish, and lasts all day. As you can see from the picture below, it comes with a little brush on the lid but this isn't particularly helpful. The mascara brush works a lot better.

MaxFactor Eyebrow Pencil in 1 Ebony (R.R.P £4.99)

To begin, fill in any accidents that may have occurred during the tweezing process. Then, fill in the rest of the eyebrows to achieve the desired effect. I tend to concentrate more on the edges of the eyebrows to give extra definition. My eyebrows are naturally different shapes so this is also a great opportunity to even them out a little. Make sure that, when pencilling, you take a step back from the mirror after a few strokes to ensure that the eyebrows are equally shaped. Also keep a cotton wool pad to hand to help you blend the pencil in. This is especially essential when the pencil is at its sharpest because it will create harsher, darker lines.

If you want to keep your eyebrows looking polished for longer, you can always apply a little hairspray to your finger and run it over your brows to hold the hairs in place and seal in colour.

Do you have any techniques for creating the perfect eyebrows? If so, please do comment below!

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