Friday, 16 December 2011

A guide to make up brushes

Make up brushes obviously make a huge difference when applying your slap and there are so many different brands out there that it is often hard to choose which one is the best. Here are the brushes that I use the most often; they are all firm favourites of mine, despite the significant price range:

From top to bottom: Body Shop eyeshadow brush (R.R.P £9), Body Shop blusher brush (R.R.P £12)

Personally, on a compromise between budget and performance, I love the Body Shop range. I, however, do not use the blusher brush for blusher. Instead I think it works better when applying a finishing coat of pressed matte powder on top of your make up, as it gives quite a light coverage - perfect for a smooth, all-over finish, that doesn't require much colour.

Boots bronzing brush (R.R.P £7.50)

For £7.50, I cannot fault anything about this brush. It's soft (even after numerous washes) and gives the impression of great cheekbones if used correctly. I tend to start at the top of my cheekbones, making circular motions before sweeping any excess bronzer lightly above the cheekbones from bottom to top.

MAC 190 foundation brush (R.R.P £26)

This lovely little number was actually a gift (I love getting expensive make up related products for Christmas/ birthdays - it feels like such a treat)! However, despite its name, I do not use this brush for foundation. I find it just as easy to use my fingertips to apply foundation, and I find that foundation brushes don't really last long if put to their intended use. So instead, I use this brush to apply blusher. Just a little swish in the blusher pot and a pouty-smile in the mirror to reveal the apples of your cheeks and you're ready to go. I tend to start from the bottom of the apple and swish upwards, using circular movements to blend if necessary.

As much as I hate to admit it, the more expensive MAC brush is my favourite, but the others are perfectly acceptable and who is really going to be able to tell/ judge you on what brand of brush you use? I think it's more important to:
1. Keep your brushes clean (I soak them in warm water, with a splash of antibacterial soap and a dollop of hair conditioner to keep them soft).
2. Learn what works best for you when applying make up. As you can see, practise makes perfect when choosing what brush works well for a given cosmetic!

Have you got any particular make up brushes you want to recommend? These are just my favourites but I would love to hear any advice anyone has to offer!


  1. love reading posts like this! but i never apply make-up (except for blusher) with brushes. think i need to improve my skills

  2. i love mac! i rely on it so much..