Saturday, 17 December 2011

My top 4 most hated Facebook statuses

(I tried to make this a top 5 but could only think of 4, so obviously I get less annoyed by this than I previously thought.)

You can tell a lot about a person from the quantity and quality of their Facebook statuses. As a general rule, the more a Facebook user updates their status, the more infuriating their statuses are, as they are running out of interesting things or anecdotes to share with the world. As a result, these statuses are usually either obvious or pointless facts. For example....

This status seem to spam my news feed every time there is a light shower of sleet. This happens a fair amount in winter and is not worth getting excited about; it is not real snow and will not stick to the ground, it's just glorified rain.

3. Why do I even bother?! Grrrrr....
Classic cry for attention. Usually followed by "what's up hun?" and then "I'll inbox you". So, you don't want to share your problems with all your friends, you just thought that they should all know that you're upset and hope that one of them cares/ is nosy enough to find out why. Why not just call/ text the person you want to talk to?

2. You know it's Christmas when the Coke advert comes on!
I would make this number 1 as it is highly annoying but I do love anything Christmas-related and appreciate that, for some, this advert might bring a little festive cheer. Maybe most of my fury comes from the sheer number of such statuses and the way in which they are written - copious spelling mistakes and exclamation marks are commonplace. Im soooo exited I cant type proply!!!!

1. I HATE the new Facebook!
This infuriates me the most as Facebook changes pretty regularly and people seem more baffled every time. Surely you didn't expect the last design to last forever? And if you've adapted to this life threatening change before, I'm sure you can do it again. Plus, you can't dislike it that much, otherwise you wouldn't still be online.

Are there any other statuses that make you want to smash your fist through your computer screen? Suggestions are welcome, I am likely to agree with you.


  1. #5: Poorly executed frapes - at least try and be funny with it.
    (I genuinely don't like new facebook/Timeline though :D )

  2. Excellent number 5! I think you may be more personally affected than I am though (I'm referring to your numerous gay, stupid babba statuses)