Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Brand Alley - every fashion lover's dream

Just a quick post today to advise anyone who likes to get their hands on a good bargain to sign up to Brand Alley. You just have to enter your email and they send you updates about what brands they have on offer; some sales last only a day as the stuff flies off the shelves so quickly. At the moment one of the brands they're selling is See by Chloé. I am currently coveting this little number:
Unfortunately it is too late for me to whack this on my Christmas list so I'll have to let it go (sob). But hopefully this print screen gives you a good idea of how the site works - it's basically a race to get the best items and you get rewarded for inviting other members to the site, which is always a bonus! It is definitely worth checking out, they do a lot of cheaper brands as well - they still have some Calvin Klein underwear available from a sale that started a couple of days ago.

The one drawback to this site is often deliveries can take between 15 - 28 days to arrive which is painful if you are excited about receiving something, but I think the huge discounts more than make up for it!

Has anyone else tried Brand Alley or know of any other similar sites which might be worth a look? Do let me know!

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