Sunday, 13 November 2011

M&S = my guilty pleasure

My mother used to drag me round M&S as a child and I used to absolutely hate it. She would spend hours going round all the different collections until our feet hurt and I had lost the will to live. However, now I have to admit that I am heading the same way - just another chip off the ol' block.

Of course I recognise that, as a 21 year old student, some of the collections are not really aimed at my age group and should be avoided like the plague unless I want to look like a frumpy 50-something (no offence to anyone in that age group, I know plenty of 50-somethings who are beautiful and still chic, and there are plenty of people in my own age group who could do with a kick up the wardrobe backside). When all is said and done though, the Limited Collection and Autograph do bring out some very fashionable pieces at prices that rival other high street stores.

These are two pieces I bought the other week that I absolutely love:

Autograph Leather Elasticated Panel Chelsea Boots in Brown (£59)

I am a complete sucker for boots and these Chelsea boots are easily the comfiest shoes I've had in a while. The leather is so soft and they fit perfectly - the fact that M&S do half sizes is a huge selling point for me as I am between sizes.

Limited Collection Sweater Top (£29.50)

I absolutely adore this colour - it's so warm and autumnal. The material is extremely soft and light, but the sweater is still lovely and cosy. It fits loosely around the shoulders so I advise you wear a plain black vest top underneath as it does tend to slip down.

M&S, I promise I will never doubt you again.