Saturday, 19 November 2011

How to save 15% on Cheryl Cole's false eyelashes

Quick post today to share something obvious but that had never crossed my mind before, and hopefully will save you money!

I have not shopped regularly in Claire's Accessories since my early teens, but I popped in yesterday evening during a visit to the Trafford Centre to see if there was anything worth buying.

I have always bought my false eyelashes from Boots but saw that Claire's stock the Girls Aloud range, and students can get 15% off everything in store!

I am a particular fan of Cheryl's new look lashes. The old design was a little spider-esque (definitely a technical term), but these ones are far more natural-looking and open up my eyes a treat.

My eyes with Cheryl's Girls Aloud Lashes (Retails for £5.50 at Claire's + student discount)

Go grab your own lashes for cheap!

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  1. Lovely blog darling! I love the fake eyelashes <3 xx