Saturday, 26 November 2011

Recently purchased: Gold mesh necklace

A few weeks ago I bought this fabulous necklace from Topshop and I cannot stop wearing it:

Gold mesh necklace (retails for £16)

I think the mesh design is gorgeous and it hangs really well as it's pretty heavy. I tend to choose silver jewellery but I like how the gold is quite a dull shade so it finishes off an evening outfit without being too in your face.

This would make the perfect stocking filler if I didn't want to keep it myself, but maybe you are better people than I am. 


  1. Love the necklace! I am following you too now!


  2. this necklace is amazing! i would totally wear it with everything too. you have really awesome taste and i love your blog! following =)

    xoxo - christina

  3. I absolutely love this necklace! Amazing :)

  4. amazing necklace!
    cute blog