Friday, 28 October 2011

Equestrian plait = new favourite hairstyle

Equestrian-influenced fashion is everywhere this season so I decided to create a hairstyle to match: the equestrian plait.

Excuse my messy room on this photo, but it shows off the hairstyle a treat

To create this hairstyle, comb your hair into a side parting and back-brush the roots a little to create volume. Fix with hairspray.

Next, take a section of hair at the front (if you have a fringe, use this; if you don't, pretend that you do and take that amount of hair), and sweep it back so it is voluminous, not stuck down to your head. Secure with a hair grip. Grip back another section of hair from the other side of the parting in the same fashion so there is the same amount of volume on each side.

Then get plaiting! It is better to plait your hair down the side which is the furthest away from your parting. Secure with a hair tie and use hair grips to sort out any stray hairs - there tend to be a lot of them!

Et voila! Great hairstyle with minimum effort!

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