Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Brace yourself

As my friends will know, I recently had some ceramic '6 month smiles' braces fitted and, as much as I don't like to draw attention to them, I thought this post might be interesting to a lot of people, especially if you're thinking of getting braces yourself.

I've wanted braces for ages and totally regret not having them for free on the NHS when I was younger. However, my gran was kind enough to give me a reasonably large sum of money for my 21st so I thought 'now or never.' It seemed like a good way to spend the money; something which would be long-lasting and not just blowing the money on alcohol and ASOS.

I opted for the '6 month smiles' programme, which is specifically designed for adult brace-wearers because of its speed and the appearance of the braces. As the name suggests, treatment typically lasts for six months, although my dentist warned me that, because of the extent of the overcrowding in my mouth, I might be looking at a treatment time of nine months. However, this is still a lot faster than traditional orthodontic work as I was told I would be looking at a treatment time of 24 months with those braces. Furthermore, the '6 month smiles' braces are a lot more discreet than traditional braces; the brackets are ceramic and therefore tooth-coloured, and the wires used to connect them are also tooth-coloured. They are by no means unnoticeable but from a long distance, people often tell me they can't see them.

My teeth 2 months and 3 weeks into the treatment:

My teeth before the treatment:

As you can see, my teeth have already started to move, which I am beyond pleased about! Having braces has dented my self-confidence a little bit but I keep thinking about the end result and how happy I'll be to have a perfect set of knashers!

So, what do you think? Have you had braces or are thinking of getting them? Feel free to leave any comments below!

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