Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The search for my asian persuasion

I am currently mega jet-lagged after arriving home last night after three weeks in S.E Asia. The original plan before I left the U.K was to travel round Singapore and Malaysia with my dad and gran partly on a cultural and touristic visit, but also to see our "family origins" and meet family members/ friends of the family.

My mum said it would be good for me to see my roots and that I would enjoy myself. I, however, expressed my fears to my dad before I left that spending three weeks with him and my gran might lead to me slashing myself/ them and he said he shared this worry.

We visited Singapore and Kuala Lumpur before my boyfriend came out. Then the four of us met in Langkawi before returning to KL and then travelling to Ipoh to meet my great aunt. My boyfriend and I then continued to Maleka, back to Singapore, and finished the holiday in Sanur, Bali.

Despite some furious moments at my family at the beginning which I shall not disclose because I do not wish to paint myself in a bad light, I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. As I expected, I felt no real connection with Malaysia or Singapore which was a bit disappointing but hey, they are beautiful places. I think you need to visit a place regularly throughout your childhood to have a sense of belonging there. I wouldn't say the search for my Asian persuasion was a total loss though as I felt closer to my family by the time we parted ways, which was good as I don't see them as much as my mum's side.

On a negative note, I now need to re-learn how to apply make-up and style my hair as these skills are so easily lost on holiday but the results are not so easily forgiven in the western world.

Singapore night skyline 

The fam and I chilling on the beach, Langkawi

Trying our hands at Batik painting, KL

Pretentious photography, Maleka

White water rafting crew, Bali

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