Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Great shoes. Massive fool.

Well I got very excited today when I went on today and saw that they had lauched a new range of shoes - Insolia. According to M&S, Insolia makes high heels comfortable by "reducing forefoot pressure, improving body alignment and enhancing ankle stability". Being 5'3 and having many female friends who are over 5'7, I refuse to wear anything but massive heels or wedges on a night out, to avoid looking like their younger sister. Unfortunately this means that, within 2 hours, you can usually either hear me whinging like a spoilt child or sitting in a corner, paying the price for wearing killer heels. So naturally, I was drawn into M&S's advertising and added two pairs of Insolia platform shoe boots to my basket (I'm between sizes so I decided I'd buy two different sizes and take one back). Caught up in the excitement of making a new purchase I didn't check all my details at the checkout before clicking confirm. So now my lovely shoes are on their way to my term time house in Leeds... the one I lived in two years ago. FML. I called M&S immediately and they should be able to redirect them. Only time will tell. Why am I so dysfunctional in my everyday life? 

But still, nice shoes, huh? I shall update you on their comfort when/ if they arrive.

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