Sunday, 31 July 2011

Great shoes. Massive fool (continued...)

Here is a quick update on my shoe fiasco that I ranted about here:

The shoes never arrived and I still haven't been refunded. I shall chase M&S up tomorrow. But I can tell you that the shoes do live up to the hype (I found some in the Trafford Centre store and hurried them to the checkout). Still painful but not as crippling as a standard pair of heels, and just as sexy. GREAT SUCCESS!

Holiday in Croatia

Croatia is an absolutely beautiful country. Fact. I spent eight days there at the beginning of July - three of those days at Hideout music festival, and the rest of the time we spent chilling in Zadar. Here's a short review of my time there.

Hideout Festival

Without a doubt the best music festival I've ever been to. I have been to both Leeds Festival and Creamfields and as much as I love camping, anyone who has been to a festival will agree that there are some elements of it that are infuriating and tiring. The toilet facilities encourage even more vomiting than the alcohol and dismantling the tent for the long trek home after not showering for several days is the final endless struggle. However, Hideout is not a camping festival and instead, Collegium, the event organisers, recommend apartments for the festival-goers. We settled for Apartments Nena, which had all the essential facilities including a full kitchen although the landlady had confiscated the remote control for the air con as we are obviously untrustworthy tourists. But still, the luxury of a proper bed and shower during 3 days of heavy drinking and late nights is unbeatable.

In terms of the event itself, the music was amazing and the atmosphere was, for the most part, both electric and friendly. Personal favourite would have to be Nero as I have a guilty pleasure for more mainstream dance and dubstep music and they did not fail to deliver not only everyone's firm favourites including Innocence and Promises, but also great remixes of other songs (which unfortunately I cannot remember but I do remember being impressed at the time).


Zadar is a beautiful city. All the touristy stuff happens in the old town, which is still framed by the old city walls. There is no beach near the town centre but there is plenty to see/ do/ buy and people often swim off and sunbathe on the concrete steps leading down to the sea.

We stayed in Apartments Zadar which had AMAZING facilities, including a multimedia centre complete with music and internet, including Skype. The owner, Danko, was very helpful and was always on call when we needed ignorant tourist trivia. On the Tuesday we caught the sun on our private terrace, on Wednesday we went on a boat trip, stopping off at a saltwater lake, and on the Thursday we chilled out at a spa that Danko recommended - Beauty and Spa Centar Callista. We were given our own private area with jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and lounge area for one and a half hours (although she let us stay in for two) for 90 kuna each - the equivalent of £10.58. Absolutely amazing.

All in all, one fantastic holiday!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Great shoes. Massive fool.

Well I got very excited today when I went on today and saw that they had lauched a new range of shoes - Insolia. According to M&S, Insolia makes high heels comfortable by "reducing forefoot pressure, improving body alignment and enhancing ankle stability". Being 5'3 and having many female friends who are over 5'7, I refuse to wear anything but massive heels or wedges on a night out, to avoid looking like their younger sister. Unfortunately this means that, within 2 hours, you can usually either hear me whinging like a spoilt child or sitting in a corner, paying the price for wearing killer heels. So naturally, I was drawn into M&S's advertising and added two pairs of Insolia platform shoe boots to my basket (I'm between sizes so I decided I'd buy two different sizes and take one back). Caught up in the excitement of making a new purchase I didn't check all my details at the checkout before clicking confirm. So now my lovely shoes are on their way to my term time house in Leeds... the one I lived in two years ago. FML. I called M&S immediately and they should be able to redirect them. Only time will tell. Why am I so dysfunctional in my everyday life? 

But still, nice shoes, huh? I shall update you on their comfort when/ if they arrive.